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Air Bar Max Red Bull Ice Review

If you’re looking for a tasty fruity beverage, Air Bar Max Red Bull Ice is sure to please. With its delicious mix of banana, strawberry, mango, kiwi and raspberry, it’s a must try!

Blueberry Raspberry

Blueberry Raspberry is the most popular flavor from the Air Bar Max line. The blue raspberry flavor is a sweet and tart mix of blueberry and raspberry. It comes in two strengths: 20 mg and 50mg. It also comes in a disposable version.

Air Bar Max’s unique soft nozzle gives you a smooth and thick vapor cloud. Its disposable pods are reusable and require no maintenance. They come pre-filled with sixml of e-liquid. These pods are good for 2,000 puffs. Each one of them is QR code verified to ensure authenticity.

Among the most popular flavors are the Kiwi Berry Ice, Peach Mango, and Sakura Grape. Each of these vapes features layers of fruit and ice flavors.

Strawberry Mango

Air Bar Max is one of the most popular and highly touted disposable vapes on the market. With its draw activated firing system and smooth mouth to lung draw, this device allows you to enjoy your favorite flavors with ease. While it’s available in a variety of flavors, the most popular release by far is the peach mango flavored version.

The Air Bar Max may not be the newest and greatest, but it’s got plenty of modern features to make it a top choice. For starters, it’s QR-code verified for authenticity. Additionally, the e-liquid itself comes in six milliliters of juice. Another nifty feature is the fact that the bottom of the device lights up when it’s activated.

Kiwi Berry Ice

Air Bar Max is a popular e-liquid brand which is known for its variety of flavor. They have many great flavors, ranging from mint to fruit. Some of the most popular Air Bar Max e-liquids are: Red Mojito, Aloe Blackcurrant, Peach Mango, and Sakura Grape. These all-time favorites are packed in 6 ml of e-liquid, giving you an all-day vape.

The Air Bar Max has a nice assortment of flavors, ranging from the basic mint to the menthol variety. The company also offers a variety of nicotine levels. You can choose from 0mg, 3mg, 5mg, or 10mg. Those who are looking for a less intense vape might want to try the 50mg version of Blueberry Raspberry.

Banana Shake

There are a few reasons why this particular e-cig deserves a spot in your collection. First off, the aforementioned 1250mAh battery can go the distance. Not to mention the included 6.5ml pre-filled juice. It also happens to be a very slick device, which is a rarity in today’s industry. On top of that, the company boasts a robust warranty and a solid customer service record.

One of the best features of the Air Bar Max is the company’s extensive range of flavors. Aside from the aforementioned berry and guava, there is an impressive lineup of beverages. From Blueberry and Raspberry to Peach and Mango, this particular e-cig offers a refreshingly high level of diversity.

Sakura Grape

If you are into high end vaping and want to impress your friends and family then the Air Bar Max Red Bull Ice may be just the e-liquid to get you started. It is the sexiest e-liquid on the market, with no nicotine, no added booze and the most impressive array of flavours to choose from.

The one thing that the Air Bar Max is best known for is its hefty cloud production, especially when paired with its signature Blueberry Raspberry flavor. This e-liquid is an excellent choice for anyone looking to quit smoking, but is also a great all day vape for those who are a little too smitten by menthol. You can get your hands on this premium juice in a variety of different sizes and nicotine strengths.

Suorin Air Bar Max

Air Bar Max is a disposable pod vape from Suorin. This vape is perfect for those who like a portable device that has a high quality design and offers a good amount of vapor. It also produces a good throat hit, and a great amount of flavor.

The Suorin Air Bar Max Disposable is designed with a non-rechargeable internal 1250mAh battery. You can expect to get up to 2000 puffs with it. Each unit includes a 6.5mL juice reservoir that can last you the entire day. It has a soft tip and a light up mouthpiece that gives you a satisfying mouth to lung vaping experience.

It features 18 flavors and an MTL style of vaping. The e-juice is salt-based.