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Find The Best Towing Services in Saint Louis City

There are a lot of abandoned vehicles in St. Louis, and many of them take months to get removed from the streets. This is because of the city’s lack of parking spaces and limited towing capacity. However, there is a solution.

Towing Services in Saint Louis MO earn an average annual salary of around $35K. These jobs involve maneuvering cars to a location based on a dispatcher’s request over the phone; loading cars onto flatbed tow trucks; and transporting cars from one place to another.

COOP offers a wide variety of commercial vehicles to rent

The average annual salary for jobs related to Towing Services in Saint Louis MO. However, top drivers can earn $56K or more. Tow Truck jobs involve maneuvering vehicles to specific locations based on dispatcher instructions over the phone; loading cars onto flatbed tow trucks; transporting vehicles from one location to another; and unloading cars from the tow trucks when they arrive at their destination.

With 10 officers on the street at any given time, Swope said he has been able to pay more attention to crime hotspots such as the Family Dollar at Kienlen and Martin Luther King, which is frequently targeted by thieves looking for laundry detergent. He has also organized community events, such as basketball games and barbecues, and even took 40 teachers to a Cardinals game in a suite.